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Securing Financing for Your Vehicle without Great Credit

We get it – sometimes, there are things on your credit report that you aren’t proud of. We know that doesn’t mean that you can’t finance your dream vehicle with Highline Motorsports. We work with multiple lenders who work hard to find financing that works with your credit history and budget. Many of our valued customers have less than perfect credit, and we’re proud to work with them to secure financing. We do everything we can to make securing financing simple and affordable. What can you do before you visit our lot to make the financing process easier?

Know Your Credit Score

Don’t be surprised by anything on your credit report when you visit our lot or call us at 602-753-4040. Financers pull your credit score to assess the risk of lending to you. Your credit report contains information such as open lines of credit, payment history, and more. Be sure to know your credit score and study your credit report to ensure that everything is correct and you know if you may appear risky to financers.

Consider Your Employment History and Salary

Your credit score is far from the only factor that comes into play when you’re financing a vehicle. A stable employment history and good salary go a long way when it comes to obtaining credit. That means, even if you find that you have a less than perfect credit score, creditors still might find you to be a good candidate for financing!

Never Assume that You Won’t Get Approved

Making the assumption that your credit and salary isn’t good enough to obtain a loan keeps you from ever finding out if you could be driving the car of your dreams from Highline Motorsports. No matter what your credit history, apply for credit with Highline Motorsports. We’ll do what we can to secure finaning for the unique vehicle you’re looking for. We can’t guarantee that everyone will find credit, but we can guarantee that we will treat all customers with respect and do all we can to get them the car that they want.

Call 602-753-4040 to get started or apply for credit online today!